Alyne Harris

Alyne Harris

Born in March 1942, Alyne Harris has lived in Gainesville, Florida virtually all of her life and is a distant relative of sculptor, Jesse Aaron. Harris has always felt the compulsion to create. As a child she would rather draw in the sand on the playground than play with the other children. Her cherished heritage and connections to the past are celebrated in her engaging art.

Usually, Harris sits on her front porch to paint and enlists an old dress as an apron. Her imagery embraces the spirit of imagination, as seen in her scenes of slaves, angels, and it captures the vitality of memories in her depictions of lost loved ones, sunflowers, baptisms and other family celebrations. Harris’s work draws heavily from African-American traditions.

Harris’ paintings call on viewers to travel the paths of their own recollections, an exchange that becomes part of the work itself. Harris believes it is important to revisit the past in order to connect with the present and the future.

Source of her brief biography: Jeanine Taylor Folk Art

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