1. Museum Nights: Africa Everywhere

    Join us for a lively evening celebrating the beauty of the arts of Africa and the African diaspora, including the Harn’s newest exhibition Posing Beauty in African American Culture. Enjoy local dance and music with the UF Afro Pop and Agbedidi Ensembles, featuring remarkable artists…

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  2. Art and Mindfulness: Stilling the Mind, Opening the Senses

    This series of guided meditations, led by instructors from the UF Mindfulness team, is inspired by art in the Harn collections and held at the museum. Take a break from your regular schedule to slow down, experience stillness, and re-charge. Forty minutes of guided meditation…

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  3. Gallery Talk: Posing Beauty: Conversations around Black Beauty

    In this talk, Jade Powers will lead visitors through a deeper exploration of themes within the exhibition: “Constructing a Pose,” “Body and Image,” and “Modeling Beauty and Beauty Contests” and explore the complex and evolving relationship between beauty and art in contemporary art and culture.

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  4. HESCAH Talk: Women Artists in 20th Century China: A Prehistory of the Contemporary

    This talk will reflect on two intersecting themes, the rise of women as artists and as female subjects for art, in the context of the evolving status of women in twentieth-century China. Against the backdrop of the nascent modern education for women and the emergence…

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  5. HESCAH Talk: Calligraphic Language in Contemporary Chinese Art

    Calligraphy entered contemporary Chinese art at the time modernist art reappeared in China in the 1980s, and gradually became an important component in contemporary art. Because the Chinese written language is partially ideographic and partially pictographic, calligraphy-related works can be categorized into a few groups….

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  6. Artwalk Gainesville

    Artwalk Gainesville is a free monthly self-guided tour that combine exciting visual art, live performance, and events in downtown Gainesville, Florida. Held the last Friday of each month from 7 to 10 pm, except for the months of November and December combining on the First…

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  7. Melrose Art Walk

    Every first Friday 7 PM – 9 PM Melrose  

  8. Swan Lake

    Dance Alive National Ballet presents the most beautiful ballet of all-time. Swan Lake is the story of a Prince whose fiancée has been transformed into a swan by an evil sorcerer. The artists of DANB transform the stage into a world of beauty and artistry….

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