Dance Alive National Ballet presents a charming story about a brave little ladybug and her forest friends. Wonderfully interactive! Audience members cheer Lady Bug, boo the evil hunter and touches hands with the dancers as they join the audience. Great curriculum material on line. Hour…

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  2. Cypress Gardens: America’s Tropical Wonderland

    When Dick Pope transformed the swampland on the edge of Lake Eloise in Winter Haven into Cypress Gardens, he created an attraction that would become world famous, and in the process, cemented Florida’s reputation as the land of sun and fun. He achieved these feats…

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  3. Cassadaga: Speaking of the Dead

    Author and photographer Gary Monroe was allowed unrestricted access to Cassadaga, the Spiritualist community that was founded in central Florida more than a century ago on the principle of continuous life, the idea that spirits of the dead commune with the living. Though the founders…

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