Dazzling ballet by Dance Alive National Ballet bumps up against social issues in this final program of the season. Bridging the past and the present, DANB presents the bravura classic Don Quixote, continues with the ballet drama, Anna Karenina, continues with a work originally set on the National Opera and Ballet in Sofia, Bulgaria and closes with the mesmerizing Oceana, a statement about the crisis of ocean pollution. Accompanying Oceana is a film and phone app where the audience members can access AND play sounds of sea animals during the ballet, immersing themselves in that very threatened world. With choreography by Executive Artistic Director Kim Tuttle, Company Choreographer Judy Skinner, guest choreographer Ani Collier and Resident Choreographer Brian Carey Chung and music by resident guest composer Stella Sung, Dance Alive dancers work their magic and create an evening never to be forgotten.