Beginning Soprano Recorder Group Lessons

We talked about learning recorder so we would have many musicians to help out with the May Pole next year as well as potentially provide entertainment at events/feasts (once we learn some songs). All level learners are welcome, but those who are advanced PLEASE be patient with beginning learners so everyone can learn at a pace that will make for retention of the chords and music. We’ll meet an hour ahead of our usual Arts & Sciences class but will only practice for half an hour.

Bring your own recorder (plastic ones are fine–you can order them online for about $5 or maybe pick one up at a dollar store). We will continue to learn notes and songs and practice together. We’ll each be practicing on our own in between group get togethers, which will, for now, be at this time each month on the third Thursday of the month. Half hour class we’ll start at 5:30 so please be prompt so we finish by 6 and still have time to visit with people as they arrive for the main event of the night (our art/sci class and potluck). Everyone is welcome. No specific teacher, just all working together to start to learn at this point. Fingering charts will be provided for soprano recorder. As we improve, medieval music will be introduced.