CMC Thursday Night Poetry Jam

Gainesville’s longest-running open mic poetry reading–25 years and counting.

All styles invited–from Beat to Baroque, formal to freestyle, spoken word to academic, and everything in between.

All forms of word-based art welcome: poetry of every possible sort, short prose, miniature theatrical pieces, word-centered performance art, acoustic music and/or hip hop, etc.

Tired of competing with the chatty crowd at the back of the bar? Got some new material that you want to try out on an attentive audience before submitting it for publication? Nervous about sharing your work out loud for the first time? Just wanna get something to get off your chest? Come share your words with an eclectic mix of local and visiting poets and artists and a supportive, engaged audience in our smoke-free listening room.

From first-time readers to nationally and internationally published authors, the Poetry Jam is all about building an engaged and passionate community that is focused on The Word in all its forms.