Cuban Ingenuity

The Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention is thrilled to present Cuban Ingenuity: The Artistry of the Everyday Inventor. This exhibition, opening March 10th, was commissioned by the Cade Museum through Havana-born artists and curators Gabriela Azcuy & Jorge Lavoy, and guided by Anne Gilroy, of Thomas Center Galleries. Cuban Ingenuity explores repurposed objects ranging from the ingenious to the outrageous, demonstrating functional solutions to creative achievements, and is a cornerstone of Bulla Cubana 2019, a month-long celebration of arts and culture, promoting the exchange of ideas and inspiration between Cuba and North Central Florida.

Through Cuban videos, photographs, and other unique objects curated for this Cade exhibition, Cuban Ingenuity highlights the ingenuity and vision behind dozens of Cuban innovations and inventions of necessity. Lacking access to a broad range of emerging technologies, nearly three generations of Cubans repaired, repurposed, redesigned and reinvented manufactured products of the mid-20th century, everything from automobiles to washing machines.
These objects, born from necessity, have achieved artistic elegance and appreciation, especially when combined with the passionate stories of Cuban residents and their ability to adapt these materials during harsh economic conditions. Objects are presented in a way that will resonate with visitors of all ages and within the context of Cuba’s history and the unique circumstances that inspired their invention.

Invent yourself at Cade! The impact of Cuban Ingenuity: The Artistry of the Everyday Inventor will be expanded through engaging Cade Museum programs and activities inspired by Cuban stories and objects that intersect with history, science, creativity, art, and innovation.