Y-Not Theatre Trivia Fundraiser

If you love theatre, then you should come out to Y-Not Theatre’s 2nd trivia fundraiser! Our host for the evening is Dr. Sean Bartley, UF Professor of Theatre History, and Gainesville Improv Guild will perform at intermission. Teams of 8 will compete to win prizes each round as well as the chance to claim the “Gnomie Award.” Rabell Realty won last year and will be returning to defend their title. There will be complimentary refreshments from Sababa and yummy birthday cake from D’Lites (vegan options will be available).
So Y-Not join in on all the fun? Come help us celebrate our second year!

Y-Not is focused on promoting, developing, presenting and producing new American plays in North Central Florida. Proceeds from the evening will help support Y-Not’s efforts for this upcoming year.

The theatre themed categories and clues are available on Y-Not Theatre’s facebook right now- go check them out!