1. ‘Survival of the Slowest’ includes LIVE Animals

    Come to the Florida Museum of Natural History to see how slow and steady wins the race in the “Survival of the Slowest” exhibit! See 16 different species of LIVE animals, including a sloth, iguana, tortoise and more! The exhibit will highlight the unique adaptations…

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  2. Eureka

    Eureka! When an idea evolves into an invention, that idea can change the world. But where do ideas come from? Draw, tinker, prototype, and play as you meet the inventors who transformed history, one idea at a time, and learn how big challenges inspire inventors…

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  3. Rails into the Sun: A History of North Central Florida Railroads

    Join us on Saturday, June 26 via Zoom webinar to learn more about north central Florida railroads! Historian Jonathan Nelson will discuss the railroad’s contribution to the development of Florida, with the primary focus on Alachua County railroads. The construction of David Yulee’s first cross-state…

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